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Home Page: System 50:50 for ensemble improvisation


quick intro

Quick summary using 50:50 ratio
Each player `improvises` for 50% of the piece
Each player is `tacet` for 50% of the piece
The totals are aggregated
Each player/improviser has their own clock and manages their own time
Each player has `agency` over the content they share during the performance.

the curator

Phil Morton (Liverpool:UK) developed this system during a ten year, nay 20 year period. Phil Morton has been active in `free improvisation` as a player, promoter, teacher, since 1998 and as a listener since 1968. He commends this project `to the house` to the genre of free improvisation, as a unique methodology that unpicks the complexity of this music, its sounds, our reactions  and emotions using a simple method. Phil Morton's personal belief is that this is a gift that will keep on giving. A bold statement, it maybe a fallacy, or of substance, the research process will explore this and find out. If you would like to be involved, contribute, debate, whether you are local or global please make contact.

Phil Morton
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

social media

  • Facebook - Ssytem 50:50 facebook group. This is a closed group, you have to ask to join. In theory, the criteria to join the membership of this group, is that you have played in an ensemble using `system 50:50 for improvisers`