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UK database

Where we can perform - An invitation to add information to the database
The `Improvised & Experimental Music Database` is a php/database project developed by Le Quan Ninh (France).
It is a web application and database with a global remit. 
For you to share information there are two options
  • Register with the site, then upload your proposal - a venue or a promoter - directlt. This is the self managed approach. A database for improvisers by `improvisers`
  • Or you can complete the form presented within this site : read more

Definition and categories, for types information and performance genre and very difficult to nail down: It is not a jazz site, but exactly what is `free improvisation` or `experimental music`.

Project types will vary too, promoters, venues, orchestras, presenters who promote the genre but do not perform themselves through to projects that are closed to a fix list of artists.

Such questions or querries will be reviewed as time goes by, for now you are invited to share information in the database

PLUS - legacy issues, listings that are no longer a `live project` please advise as this helps maintain a resouce that is robust and has an integrity

Over time - improvisers networks online UK hope to develop links with Le Quan Ninh & Jerome Noetinger in Fance.
You can join the team and help!
Share, exchange and collaborate

Phil Morton April 2019

BE AWARE, best practice is use the https - secure site version of this page - when inputting data:  https://www.improvisersnetworks.online/uk/database-uk
Note when in `https` mode the database will not show.


The `Improvised & Experimental Music Database` is a php/database project…