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Events, listings, links, media/video and articles related to activities in the United States of America featuring free improvisation and associated activities. All platforms & practices
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Yes, this presentation is underwhelming: launched Feb 2020, it will slowly unfold..
P Morton : UK : Liverpool

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Stephen Gauci
  • Stephen Gauci Quartet/Alex Weiss Quartet/Santiago Leibson Trio Live at Scholes Street Studio Saturday June 18th, 8pm/9pm/10pm sets
  • Stephen Gauci Quartet/Igor Lumpert Trio/Shinya Lin Quartet Live at Scholes Street Studio Saturday May 21st, 8pm/9pm/10pm sets
  • Stephen Gauci/Keisuke Matsuno/Jeremy Carlstedt Live at the Downtown Music Gallery Saturday April 16th, 6:30pm & 7:15pm sets

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The Red Room

Laboratory for experimental cultural adventires
  • Adam Goodwin & Tom Borax!

    Solo Sets! Adam Goodwin is a Texan double bassist, composer and visual artist, currently living and working as a freelance musician in Berlin, Germany. He engages in a wide spectrum of creative activity that involves frequent collaboration with performers, composers, sound artists, choreographers, dancers, film makers and visual artists. He has performed extensively throughout Europe, […]

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  • June 2 String Music!!! Grant/Mcquire, Salmon Graveyard, Mink

    Top notch string sounds from Baltimore and NC! Salmon Graveyard consists of some of Baltimore’s finest – Corey Thuro on mandolin, John Hoegberb on bass, Alani Sugar on fiddle, and Nate Nelson on drums.  This “all star band” plays “ecstatic minimalist country music” but if you need assistance imagining that, start with a touch of […]

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