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IMPROVISORS WITHOUT BORDERS : We need you! Today, we are 540 improvisors and 125 collectives, groups, organizations, venues and festivals to be part of this collaborative database of European improvisation. Thank you all for your participation and bravo ! For almost 3 years, daily moderation has been provided without remuneration by me, on behalf of Fondeur de Son. But, as with any website, there are also costs: you have to host the website, buy the domain name and, even if you don't upgrade the website, you have to regularly make technical interventions to update it and to keep it running...These technical actions are carried out by the IT team which created the website. Their cost is €750/year.This is why we are calling on you today. Le Fondeur de Son tooks charge of this annual package last year, but we don't have funding for it. So we are now calling on all of you, improvisors without borders, and we are launching a crowdfunding campaign. If you, as an individual or as a group, organization, venue, festival etc. can help keep this site going, that would be great.


A few weeks ago we, the collective "Le Fondeur…