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Workshop exercises and design - free improvisation in performance


Workshop exercises exploring the nature and practice of free improvisation in music and performance. The aim is to create a resource, an archive or `a list` of workshop exercises or session designs employed by `free improvisers` in the workshop situation.  To share your own work or session designs use the form displayed or send them to detail to follow.

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To upload an article to the site please please follow the link below and use the form to be found in the tab called form, or use the non-form method!


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The website "Improvisers' Networks Online" has a section called "Workshop exercises and design - free improvisation in performance" which requires a team to handle the work. The work involves maintaining the website and its digital presence to promote free ensemble improvisation as a practice. The role is voluntary and unpaid, and the number of hours required can range from 1 hour per month to a lifetime commitment. If you're passionate about this subject and the work involved, or if you want to learn new skills, please feel free to get in touch with me.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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open google calendar -find the generic listing
add read more > featured > dates < test > test in different modules.
dont forget north west



This is has not been started, it is just an idea.
Linked to: We could use a mind map to display `graphically` workshop types, categories and skills.

Links - A spreadsheet listing & indexing workshop pieces - URL LINK




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Criteria - the focus here is on exercises that explore free ensemble improvisation as the entity of the action and not to explore concepts or other practices using free improvisation as the methodology, for example,
the following may be excluded from this section,

  • Butch Morris's Conduction,
  • John Zorns Cobra,
  • graphic scores,
  • pieces of work.

Solution: if there is a distinction to be made, or these activities are of value for a disciple whose direction of travel is: free ensemble improvisation made without prior preparation for example `graphic scores` this category should have its own section in the website or maybe better served at another website.

Having said that, it is expected that exercises featuring compositions, scores or referential instructions will appear within this site, we cannot stop this: I suggest we keep there presence proportional.

P Morton

Music - may dominate this presentation but other `practices` are welcome and to be explored e.g. Dance

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This is NOT an active group

Links - The workshops support group for `improvisers`: URL link




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