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Events, listings, links, media/video and articles related to activities in the United States of America featuring free improvisation and associated activities. All platforms & practices
You are invited to: Share, exchange & collaborate - and attend!

Yes, this presentation is underwhelming: launched Feb 2020, it will slowly unfold..
P Morton : UK : Liverpool

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Stephen Gauci
  • Kaelen Ghandhi Trio/Stephen Gauci Quartet/Kevin Shea Quartet Live at Scholes Street Studio Tuesday November 22nd, 7:30pm/8:30pm/9:30pm sets
  • Ken Kobayashi/Stephen Gauci/Rotem Eylam Groups! Live at the Downtown Music Gallery Saturday November 12th, 6pm/7pm/8pm sets
  • Igor Lumpert/Stephen Gauci/Sana Nagano Trios! Live at the Downtown Music Gallery Saturday October 8th, 6pm/7pm/8pm sets

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