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Events, listings, articles and links related to activities in the Manchester
featuring free improvisation and associated activities. All platforms & all practices.
Manchester is?  Manchester, Salford and surrounding areas
You are invited to: Share, exchange & collaborate - and attend!


  Franklin Method Workshop in central Manchester on 21st July.…
Summit is a cross-discipline improvisation performance. Co-hosted by Mark Reid…

Featured news feed - The noise upstairs

The Noise Upstairs

  • Ripsaw Catfish – 25 June 2019
    This month’s guests are Ripsaw Catfish, stopping in on their short tour of the North (and London). Ripsaw Catfish are: Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone) and Anton Hunter (guitar), they have been making improvised music together for several years, and there is […]
  • Emil Karlsen – 13 June 2019
    Emil Karlsen’s acoustic solo project is based around making the most out of the drum set in terms of extended techniques, timbre and textures, improvised. Inspired by his Norwegian background, this project is a portrait of many years thinking compositionally […]

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