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Welcome to improvisers’ networks online

Here are a few words on the benefits or networking, developing a portal and facilitating the social networking of creative practitioners. 

The benefits of networking include

  • Sharing skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Provide support.
  • Encouraging collaborative working.
  • Sharing resources.
  • Facilitating the debate, the discussion of our practice and ideas. .

The `site` also aim to provide the following services

  • Listings, using a simple google calendar to share who is doing what, with whom, where & when
  • Regional `start pages` that collate and display related events and news from that region.
  • A discussion forum
  • A `media-wiki` beter known as a: dictionary, glossary or a wikipedia tool focussed on the nature and practice of free improvisation and related practices
  • Improvisers',artists and members of the public can upload relevant materials; articles, event notices etc directly and indirectly to the site.

Simply put: The site content is `open source`: it is a site about free improvisation, created and sustained by those whose practice is informed by `free improvisation`.

To be continued.
Updated 18/04/2019 - P Morton, Liverpool:Uk


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