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Sound Out Festival, Canberra Australia 2020 Fundraiser Featured

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SoundOut is an annual International festival of Free improvisation, Free Jazz and Experimental Musics + held in Canberra. Due to a shortfall in funding from our local government we are running this campaign to ensure the festival continues

to realise it's vision of bringing exceptional and innovative music to the South-East region of Australia. We are now in our 11th year as one of the gateway exploratory music-art events providing a much-needed avenue for brilliant musical endeavors from around the world and Australia. We see our role as fostering continued creative collaborations between some of the best Artists, the world has to offer, and our own brilliant Australian artists and showcasing these to the community. In 2020 we have 23 Artists from Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany and the UK that will combine, cross-fertilize, and move sound mountains to uplift your ears and replenish the mind during the 2 day event, which spans approximately 18 hrs of music, over 22 sets.

There will also be a SoundOut Workshop on the Friday the 31st January 2020 9am - 5pm at the School of Music Big Band Room with Annette Krebs electronics; Elisabeth Harnik piano; and Achim Kaufmann [piano]Trio with Frank Gratkowski saxophone and Wilbert de Joode double bass. Please see below for rewards details.

See link below to web blog for further info:

We need to remain strong in our resolve to continue the festival as it is vital part of of the Australian cultural landscape otherwise we face becoming an “endangered cultural species”.

We are running this Gofundme campaign to raise desperately needed funds to cover costs of Artist fees, some travel, accommodation, food, and production and advertising costs.

SoundOut will be hosted on the 1st and 2nd of February 2020 and thus we are endeavoring to raise the funds by late January to be ensured of a successful festival.

Your generous support will mean the difference between survival and closure of the festival and cannot be underestimated. It would help us through another year as we try to ensure greater sustainability. It also means that artists have the opportunity to be heard and supported in a positive fruitful artistic environment, to showcase their skill and innovation to the broader community and be heard by their peers from around the world.

On a personal level this support would mean the absolute world to me. I have been director/producer/curator of this festival for going on 10 years and though we have occasionally been lucky with funding we have not been that fortunate this year. I would personally fund the festival but work part-time in two jobs that as an Artist just pays the bills and thus it would take a HUGE weight off my shoulders to be able to fund this festival without being put into huge debt.

Please support the SoundOut festival!

You can give as much or as little as you can afford, as all is much appreciated and will make a difference!

Simply Donate or choose a reward below


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