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9 Parade

details to follow refer to .pdf document available as a downloadable attachement at the foot of this document


Name  Originally submitted by Clayton Jackson, Lancaster
name of the workshop exercise or musical score:  Parade
To whom is the piece aimed at or for: Open. all levels, all abilities
What skills are explored Attentive listening, one person or more is in enforced listening mode. To explore the creative range and dynamic in the people and space present, via a structured rotation of the musicians/improvisers present at the time and place.
History, where and when has the exercise been delivered Phil Morton's point of view is that this piece is a not uncommon, or to be found in workshops exploring the nature and practice of free improvisation in music. It is helpful to give it a name
Description in text if you opt out of uploading a file: Refer to the video, or download the pdf to be found in the footer of this document.
Discussion board support Yes, link to the forum  : registration and permission maybe required
Variation There will be variation on this theme, they maybe transitory and in the moment of a particular session, or ongoing a variation that stciks and becomes part of our practice. If you have a variation that is the later, why not share the thinikng and the description of the actions?




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