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Workshops - the mind map

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A series of mind maps exploring the nature and practice of delivering a workshop on the subject of free improvisation

Click the image or this link to find the start page for a series of mind maps: URL LINK

This presentation is in the incubation phase so please cut the author, Mr. Morton some slack, feedback and engagement in the process are desirable.

Future developments

  1. The option to edit and change the content in the mind map series
  2. To suggest external links
  3. The option to add content
  4. A video presentation on what Mr. Morton calls the `three-dimensional mindmap` and how we can use this tool 
  5. Access to the source online mind map or a copy
  6. The availability of downloading the mindmaps as a file, in a range of different file formats.
  7. To be linked the networks discussion board
  8. To be linked to the networks `wiki` - or wiki-dictionary

End - to be continued



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