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Events, listings, links, media/video and articles related to activities in the Greater London area featuring free ensemble improvisation. Associated activities will be considered but restricted. All platforms & practices of free ensemble improvisation - made without prior preparation are of interest, and to be shared.
You are invited to: Share, exchange & collaborate - and attend!

Join The Team

The website `improvisers' networks online` and the section Improvisers networks greater London needs a team to do the work.

The work is promoting free ensemble improvisation in the Greater London area of  England:UK

The role is unpaid and voluntary, the hours? from 1 hour per month to one lifetime. One hour per month is a realistic figure.

If this subject and work is of interest, a passion, or you just want to learn new skills please make contact.


email: work @ improvisersnetwork.co.uk - without the spaces.

It may only be one hour per month, but it is work!

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