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Soundwalk in Gaspe, Quebec, Canada for World listening day…
Hildegard Westerkamp: What’s in a Soundwalk? (Sonic Acts XIII,…
Introduction and invitation to propose a media inclusion.  

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framework radio

13 April 2024

phonography ::: field recording ::: the art of sound-hunting ::: open your ears and listen framework radio
  • #884: 2024.04.07
    masayuki imanishi, marlo de lara, francisco lopez, and madeleine cocolas; sounds from the aporee maps by piotrek zyla, sem zeeman, diane barbé & selu herraiz, capture, and maciej janasik; and a framework introduction recorded for us in mexico by barry cullen.
  • #883: 2024.03.31 [steven sherrill]
    The latest framework:afield episode, "Septet at the Threshold," produced by Steven Sherrill, features an event where seven pianos were burned at a gathering of over a hundred people. For additional work, visit The Patreon campaign has 115 patrons, holding steady at 59% of the funding goal.
  • #882: 2024.03.24
    Framework Radio is late due to travels, but offers a new show featuring a collaboration between the host and artist Manja Ristić on the Unfathomless label. Also highlighted are pieces by Alëna Korolëva and three newcomers—Coagulent, Emma Margetson, and Thomas Fleischhauer—with an intro by Paul Mallatratt, and sounds from the Aporee soundmaps. No Patreon progress.
  • #881: 2024.03.17 [alexandros hadjitimotheou]
    This edition of Framework:afield, produced by Alexandros Hadjitimotheou in Greece and named "The Great Black Cormorant Chant," features serene soundscapes recorded at Lake Petres, Amyntaio. Evita Voudouri contributed exclusive artwork for the album. Details of Hadjitimotheou's work can be found online. The Patreon campaign supporting the project reports 114 patrons and is 59% towards its goal.
  • #880: 2024.03.10 [IWD]
    Framework Radio's International Women's Day special, hosted by Manja Ristić, celebrates women from across the globe through their unique sonic histories. Featuring artists from an array of countries, this special includes prayers from Ramallah, birdsong from Jerusalem, and a diverse mix of music and sounds capturing the narratives of women as creators, activists, and storytellers overcoming oppression and discrimination. The program highlights the works of mothers, freedom fighters, and even a famous nun, providing a powerful soundtrack to International Women's Day.