Centrifuge brings an exciting collection improvising musicians from across the North, together in Manchester. The musicians, with a range of different musical practices, will combine in various small groupings to deliver a program of free improvisations in music.


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Centrifuge where creative forces meet.

The offer is to the musician is

In the beginning, the brief is that within an hours drive of Manchester are many musicians from the free improvised music (and associated leaning) who generally do not meet and play on any significant basis : or so it seems. Somehow geography, boundaries keep us apart, where-as in London the same distances either measured in miles /or time traveled doesn't’ keep artists apart; i.e. there is more of a mixing up and playing together. The aim of Centrifuge is to change this isolation and separation, by delivering a concert format that enables a sharing and celebration that is: free improvisation in music, for musicians resident in the "north".

Musician? Interested? read FAQ's then complete the centrifuge contact form

The offer is to the audience is

Come to Centrifuge and enjoy the regions exciting fusion of voices, sound and music

The musicians so far are

Abigail Sanders, Adam Webster, Alexandra Richardson, Alexx O'Shea, Anton Hunter, Beatrix Ward-Fernandez,Charlie Collins, Dave Birchall, Dave Tompkins, Geoff Bright, Gillian Whiteley, Graham Clarke, Harry Gallimore, Howard Jacobs, Ian Simpson, John Jasnoch, Jolon Dixon, Lyn Hodnet, Phil Hargreaves, Phil Lucking, Phil Morton, Richard Glover, Richard Knight, Samuel Freeman, Scott Hewitt, Scott McLaughlin, Shaun Blezzard, Simon Jones, Steve Lewis

They have traveled from: Barrow in Furness, Buxton, Hebden Bridge, Huddersfield, Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Warrington

The Instruments

Accidents & Treatments, bass clarinet, Cello, Double Bass, Drum set, Electric Guitar, Electronics, French Horn, Home made synths, Keyboard, Korg monotron, Laptop, Saxophone, Trumpets, Violin, Theremin, Wood, Voice

The centrifuge network design and offer : pdf download

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