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let us network and impov some contact to get some contact improv in Manchester! :) so badly needed!
Please join us for another beautiful contact improvisation session at NQ dance studio in manchester.
This contact dance workshop & jam is open to all levels of experience.
Beginner dancers are welcome; experienced dancers will be on hand to help you learn.
Experienced dancers unite! We are hoping to rebuild the community here, and we need you.
The first half of the session will introduce the basics of the form.
Together, we will explore physical listening exercises, bodily movements, principles of weight sharing, rolling points of contact, freedom of expression and more.
The remainder of the session will be a Dance jam, allowing attendees to dance together in an accessible format.
The full event will cost £10 per person.
Please drop me an email or private message to confirm attendance. Provide your name, email and phone number, and I'll add you to the mailing list/groups.
See you on the dance floor.


The current (Jan 2023) venue is NQ Dance Studio, 3rd Floor, 14 – 16 Faraday Street Manchester M1 1BE



Schedule not known on this day today, which is  04.01.2023


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