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Liverpool: Erwan Keravec - Nick Branton 11.08.2022


QU A RR Y is delighted to present an evening with highland bagpiper, composer & improviser Erwan Keravec - performing his latest presentation of Urban Pipes.

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"Urban Pipes is a utopia aiming to show that the bagpipe is a universal instrument. To imagine music for solo bagpipe that does not evoke its cultural origin, music that is only music, with no other function than to be listened to. This project also entails a modification of traditional playing modes, as well as work on how to use the bagpipe sound and harmonic strangeness outside of strictly melodic practice. All this seems
paradoxical for a traditional musician like myself. Yet it is the way I have chosen for Urban Pipes, in order to see what kind of music I can envisage for my instrument." - Erwan Keravec
In seeking out the more unusual sounds, and ways of playing and listening to his instrument, far from its original cultural setting, Keravec explores improvised music, free and ‘noise’ jazz, and establishing a repertoire of contemporary music for solo pipes, trio with solo voice and with choir. With an interest in movement and in settings associated with reinvention, he also writes, plays and improvises for dance.

Support from woodwind polymath Nick Branton

From 19:30

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