Oxford Improvisers - Open Sessions Every Monday August 2022

Join Us : Oxford Improvisers is an inclusive organisation and is always happy to welcome anyone interested in performing with us or just finding out what we do.


EDITORS NOTE - The weekly schedule sessions were disrupted by COVID-19. You are advised to contact Oxford Improvisers for an update on the current sschedule. Reports are that as of March 2022 the weekly sessions are live and well. It is suggested here that if you are are attending for the first time, you make contact with Oxfors Improvisers.

There are two key ways in which you can get involved.
Come along to our Monday night sessions
7.30pm – 9pm, Upstairs foyer of the Richard Hamilton Building, Headington Hill Campus, Oxford Brookes University OX3 0BN

We hold free weekly sessions open to anyone who cares to join us. We strive to make sessions as inclusive as possible, regardless of musical background or ability.  Come and play, find out about what we do or simply listen. You are welcome to play as little or as much as you feel comfortable with, regardless of ability, background or musical persuasion. You do not need to become a member and we welcome visiting musicians.

We recommend that you drop us an email so that we know to expect you, mainly because the space we use at Oxford Brookes University sometimes requires swipe-card entry. Do also check the website homepage in case a session has to be cancelled for any reason.

Not sure it’s for you? Playing freely improvised music is highly rewarding both individually and as a group, however we recognise that it sometimes appears a daunting prospect to newcomers.   Our friendly private sessions are free and attendees are under no obligation to perform or sign up.  If you’d like to talk to someone first just drop us a line >>#

August 2022

A schedule of weekly events on a Monday translates as


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