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Want to get into arts administration?

Blank Canvas promotes concerts in the area of improvisation (usually music).


There is also the `house band` Blank Canvas Octet and a website with archives, discussion boards and links.

There is much to be done and only a couple of people doing it. And more could be done.

Blank Canvas project team needs new members to help manage and deliver the programme.

People with time (you decide how much), skills (or want to develop skills), experience (or want experience). 

What might you do?

Do as much / as little as you like: from one hour a month up.

  • Work in a digital workplace: Online meetings, shared documents, organisation apps, calendars, etc.
  • Do digital design: improve the functionality of the pages, design adverts, draft communications, etc.
  • Improve digital advertising on social media: facebook, twitter and instagram etc.
  • Update webpages: using Joomla
  • Mailchimp newsletter
  • Eventbrite, ticketing
  • Improve physical advertising: design and/or distribute posters, calling cards, flyers etc
  • Booking venues, finding, researching venues.
  • Coordination with artists: contracts, details of venue.
  • Coordinating the Blank Canvas Octet schedule via Doodle app.
  • Do stuff at events: arranging room layout, doing the door, etc.
  • Do things obvious to you but not noticed by us writing this advert.

About: Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas is curated by Phil Morton who has been promoting events in improvisation for over twenty years. Coming from a background in the cooperative and common ownership movement he has an interest in management systems alongside promoting and performing. Blank Canvas is entirely run by volunteers. 

What to do next

make contact via the contact form below 

or send an email to blankcanvas@improvisersnetwork.co.uk

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