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Shooting Stars

5th - 12th August

Created and hosted by Sagittarius A*


Come dance in the stars! We gather in wild nature to activate our bodies and senses, to attune our vibrations to the cosmic flow, through practices that expand our awareness and ground us, Acroyoga, Yoga, Holistic Motion, Butoh, Contact Improvisation, Sound Exploration.


We discover the motion of cosmic objects by exploring the movement of our bodies, the forces that animate us, the sensation of free fall and the illusion of stability. The Perseids meteor shower grants the perfect moment, and the raw wilderness infuses just the right state of consciousness, to open a gateway through the center of the Milky Way.


The day starts with conscious breathing, an early Yoga session that is continued with different morning classes, Holistic Motion, Butoh and Contact Impro, which set your mind and body for the main activity of the gathering, Acroyoga. Throughout the period, you will be enticed in the exploration of the dimension of sound, as well as other experiments that will challenge your perception of reality.



7 days retreat in a secluded place in Transylvania with beginners workshops of Acroyoga, early Yoga breathing sessions and morning practices of CI, Butoh and Holistic Motion, with Sound Exploration and evening jams of music, CI and dance.

Classes will be held in a spacious wood pavilion.

Accommodation in camping conditions: sleeping in tents, toilet and shower outside.

Three meals per day, cooked on site, on the open fire, with vegetables and dairy products provided by local farmers.

- limited at 20 participants -


REGISTRATION: https://goo.gl/forms/xjs7Hg3Jc6MWnqQE3

Contact: ioanacotulbea@gmail.com




Sagittarius A-star residence is at kilometers away from any road or village, on top of a hill, bordered by an enchanted forest, merging wilderness and civilization, solitude and communion.


The exact location and details about arrival/ departure will be announced to participants .




Our guides in this journey:


ACROYOGA with Fanny Roux and Fabien Jantet

Acroyoga is a very kind way to approach acrobacy. Acroyoga is practised by two, with one base and one flyer. It develops self confidence and confidence in others. It's a funny way to explore our body's abilities and to take care of our body which is the temple of our soul. Together we will learn the first figures for flying: bird, throne, straddle bat. Step by step, we'll progress into washing machines which are cool and easy sequences of solar Acroyoga. We'll also get into lunar Acroyoga, a kind of aerian massage.

Fanny Roux is a circus artist. Her speciality is swinging trapeze and she's also doing acrobatics on the Floor. She learns Acroyoga with her wonderful boyfriend, Fabien. And she's not addicted to him, nor, hopefully, Acroyoga! That is her story.

Fabien Jantet is an acrobatic beekeeper. He discovered aAroyoga two years ago with the french community Gaya. He practises Acroyoga with enthusiasm and passion especially since he found pure and true love with Fanny.



Contact Improvisation is a form of dance. In CI, each participant brings along its own mortice and emotional history. There are no moves that need to be learned before dancing CI, all you need is the openness to feel the state and of being and the sensations that animate your body in the moment of contact. The vocabulary of movements is created progressively as we become more sensitive and aware of what our body has been taught till now.

Negru Virginia is studying dance and body intelligence with the intensity and passion of a scientist. She discovered and practiced Contact Improvisation for the first time during the Theatre Festival in Bucharest, and then she continued to study this form of dance in Europe and USA. In collaboration with the ngo PETEC, she organizes the annual Contact Bucharest Festivaland participates at the production of shows that use CI as form of workout and technique of improvisation.


YOGA Breathing with Uluna Vasu

‘When someone deals with facts more than with theories and he looks for the first time at the mechanics of human actions, some things simply become mind-blowing, the way heart beats suddenly appeared amazing for Harvey, or the effects yeast for Pasteur.’ With Hubbard’s thought in mind, I invite you to Yoga morning practices.

Anastasia Shanti, Indiecat Yoga - I practice Yoga since 2004. I can carry out our meetings from states of being where Yoga is the music of the Soul. This music can be heard through breathing, smelled through thought, tasted through meditation, touched with the skin, by the grace of the physical body for it is a unique instrument. The Yoga practice becomes similar to music improvisation and what makes me listen is the balance. This is my soulful invitation. Namaste


HOLISTIC MOTION with Daniel Dragoescu

Holistic Motion is a fusion of multiple practices including QiGong, Systema, contact improvisation, dance and active contemplation - a practice that promotes free flow as evolving from the heart into a way of self-discovery and authentic creative expression of self. Deep Tuning is a powerful body-mind way of locating and releasing tension and energy stuck in the bone structure helping the body to relax and realign. The technique is very subtle, uses finger and palm pressure, and can also include guided breathing and conscious movement.


SOUND EXPLORATION with Maria Balabas

Our voice is the vehicle of our personality and the pure manifestation of our inner self. How do we express our personality through our voice? How do we integrate our presence in nature through our voice? How can we be together through our voices? We will work with the voice in different manners, in the pursuit of discovering our own sound and the way it resonates in the whole orchestra. Most importantly, we will work together as choir, in which each individual sound will find its place in the surrounding harmony.

Maria Balabas is a journalist and musician. She has her own radio show and is the creator of other radio projects. Maria is the initiator of the music groups Avant’n’Gard and Soare Staniol, inspired from improvisation techniques, electronic music and certain acoustic music techniques. She creates installations generated by the artistic interest for a form of auditory memory that’s specific to field recording.


BUTOH with Theo Trișcă

Butoh is the alchemical dance, the dance of transformation, the dance of integration, the dance of metamorphosis. Integrating that which is hidden- “the bottom of the iceberg” through listening. Listening to what moves. Listening to that which lives inside us. We will open the gates towards self-contemplating states, metamorphosing whatever there is to be found within a dance, within a move, within poetry. The body can have different shapes, the question is: How can I embody what I already am?

Theo Trisca - I started dancing with Contact Improvisation, and then I met Butoh Dance, which got me because of its openness towards the shadow of the human being. I am still researching and dancing, searching for my own framework while also teaching. I have developed the ALCHEMY SOMATIC concept as an educational, experimental and artistic context which brings together dance events, workshops and residencies. For more information you can check https://theotrisca.com/



♥ Come as you are ♥





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