Elements of engagement in Improvisation

Phil Morton writes,
This is the first draft please cut me some slack.


The strengths and false promises of free improvisation
Reframing free improvisation so that it is fit for purpose
for a life lived in the 21st century

Part of the scheme of work: Elements of engagement in improvisation.
Conference time Spring 2024
preparatory work during the winter of 2023 -2024
Curator: Phil Morton - Liverpool : UK


  • This is about `reframing` free improvisation.
  • Online is the domain where this process. discussion and journey will take place.


Details to follow.


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  • To have one online meeting before january 1st 2024 hosted by zoom.
    • Target numbers, eight individuals
  • Take it from there...
  • Briefing and discussion documents may appear from November 1st 2023
  • Online apps to support communications will appear from November 1st 2023 onwards

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