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Exploring the possibilities of freedom, improvisation and their limitations
This session is for musicians to meet new people, maintain old friendships and play music.
It is also a performance an audience can witness and listen to.

Regular Friday workshop in the basement of the Welsh Chapel in Southwark. Established and still occasionally led by Eddie Prévost of AMM.

Open Stage is a unique event, it is an open mic for all kinds of performance:

 Fizzle programme, listening forwards 

No Computers is a recurring free improv music event series at ‘The Deck’ which is a covered outdoor space behind the Old Church in Stoke Newington.

The Sonic Spider, the world’s first eight-legged musical instrument, is touring Wales this summer.

The Gathering is a space for improvisation, where musicians can be together and play what they see fits in the moment.

 Ensemble 50:50 Birmingham - exploring the possibilities of freedom and improvisation and their limits.

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