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Shepherds of Cats - Spring Tour 2024 (14/04 - 21.04)

shepherds of cats tour 2024 shepherds of cats tour 2024 copyrights @shepherds of cats

Shepherds of Cats is a free improvising quartet formed in early 2014

The players

Shepherds of Cats are:

Adam Webster: cello, voice

Aleksander Olszewski: ethnic percussion instruments

Dariusz Błaszczak: modular synthesizer, sampler

Jan Fanfare: guitar, prepared ukulele, daxophone, looper, voice

Vj Pietrushka aka Maciek Piątek: video processing


Shepherds of Cats was created in 2014 as a free improvising quartet. When VJ Pietrushka joined the band shortly afterwards, the improvised performance turned into unique audio visual spectacles. Using improvisation as their working method, they create sonic stories and worlds drenched into incredulity of their own existence. Their compositions are created live suspending time as well as audience emotions. They form specific relationships with the spectators and their expectations about improvised music. Sometimes the musicians capture viewers attention with humour making them laugh and at others igniting curiosity with wealthy textures of sound. There are other occasions when they challenge the viewers with abstract compositions, or invite them on imaginative walks inside their minds touching deposits of deeply lying emotions. During their performances, sounds can turn into drone like atmospheric wall of sounds, hypnotic rhythmical meditation as well as into frantic conversation between instruments or even noise. Different instrumental layers penetrate themselves turning a piece into contrapuntal music. Shepherds of Cats use plethora of instruments to generate wide range of sounds and live video art that makes their music difficult to capture within any aesthetic frame. The band has released so far 8 albums and given over 50 concerts in Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Japan.
Shepherds of Cats are:
Aleksander Olszewski – ethnic drumming instruments
Adam Webster - cello, voice
Jan Fanfare – guitar, prepared ukulele, daxophone, looper, voice
Dariusz Błaszczak - synthesizers
Maciek Piątek aka Vj Pietrushka - cameras, video processing
Shepherds of Cats played in places like: Cafe OTO (London, UK), MK Gallery (Milton Keynes, UK). The Kazimier Gardens (Liverpool, UK). Kreuzung an St. Helena in In Situ Art Society (Bonn, Germany),Das Gespinst (Essen,Germany). They recorded their albums with Günter Heinz (German trombone player), Ayako Ogawa (Japanese pianist), Pascal Ansell AKA Panelak (UK electronic scene). They closely collaborate with David McLean, Manchester based saxophone player and founder of Tombed Visions Records. In 2017, together with Matylda Gerber (sax) and japanese artists Mushimaru Fujieda and Ayako Ogawa they created an improvised audio visual spectacle Butoh Techno (www.butohtechno.com). The spectacle was performed in Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain and Poland.
Maciek Piątek AKA VJ Pietrushka is experimental video artist and known for his short videos. His works have been presented in places such as Arnolfini (Bristol, UK), Babylon Cinema (Berlin, Germany) Vienna Klasstlerhaus or The Embros Theatre (Athenes, Greece)


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