Click Online - exploring the nature and pratice of free improvisation in duos Feb 2021

Click: description and introduction

Exploring the nature and practice of free musical improvisation as a duo in zoom break out rooms.


Session design: This series that is called Click! is an online, telematic project hosted by zoom. Numerically there will be between 6 and twelve participants. 

Taking advantage of `zoom breakout room` the session will proceed as a series of duets. Each duet is in a `breakout room` that is a separate online space. There is no audience.

The proposed duration of each duet is 6-8 minutes. If there are eight participants there will be four duets, in four different `break out` rooms happening at the same time. After each duet the participants change partners either by design or randomly, then another duet takes place. This repeats until the session ends.

The participants may be strangers, or neighbours.

Session content: Four or more duets per session. Lasting between 4-8 minutes.
Target number of participants: 12, minimum number 6
Genre: free musical improvisation.
Criteria: In the absence of shared criteria regarding free improvisation this project starts with the following: Improvisers who have experience of free improvisation over an extended period of time, and who have a level of composure and competency. There is no audition. It is not an open door policy.
Recruitment: The starting point is the Centrifuge & System 5050 contact list: and an online open call.

Launch: The Click session will start in November if we reach the required number of participants.
Dates & times to be decided by the participants.
Frequency: To be decided by the participants. The current aim is, you can attend two sessions per month.

Proposed by: Phil Morton
Promoter: Centrifuge
Online host: Zoom.
Online presence: Improvisers networks online website.

Fee for participation. The trial period is free. A fee of £3.00 per month may be introduced at a later date.

The speculation: that the downside of zoom, as an online experience is the potential disappointment of the sound quality or zoom's inability to manage multiple instrumental `voices` . The speculation is that this minimized when the content is a duet. There is only one feed of one instrumental voice into one’s location.  

The Names

Martin Hackett
Paul Medley
camilla cancantata
Guillermo Torres
Clayton Jackson
Nick branton
Garfield Southall
Geoff Bright
Gill Whitely
Dominic Lash
John Jasnoch
Lyn Hodnett
Bruce Coates
Phil Morton
Chris Parfitt

The dates February 2021

  • 05.02.2021 at 16.00 GMT
  • 11.02.2021 at 19.00 GMT
  • 26.02.2021 Friday at 19.00 GMT

An audio file, an example

Gillian Whitely (Sheffield) on keyboard and Martin Hackett (oxford) Korg ms


Criteria for participation

The criteria for participation in Click! follows that of the Centrifuge project.
If you have already registered with Centrifuge, you should have received the invites and documents.
The Centrifuge criteria for Click! is listed : CLICK HERE to view
Reminder: if your experience does not match the criteria, you can still apply, we just need to have another conversation.


Access to Click! is neither an open door policy or an audition.
The registration form is here: REGISTER HERE

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