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A library of services : Zoom

The improvisers networks online website has a Zoom account called `Improvisers Online`

The zoom account costs £11.00 per month. The website would like to share this account with improvisers who play `free improvisation.


The foundation of the project is to share and exchange, with the belief this will lead to collaboration.

£11.00 a month for the services offered is a bargain. It was not long ago in this writers lifetime that the services offered were the stuff of science fiction or only available to the supper rich.

It is a bargain, the obstacle is that the internet is awash with bargains that cost £10.00 - £30.00 per month. The project, or myself cannot sign up to them all.

An alternative is to collaborate and share the costs of `pro` accounts and to find a price point that is viable, that works for those involved.

It is preferred that the collaboration is with another organisation: but an approach from an individual will be considered.

Short term targets

  • To increase the memory limits for media files hosted on the `zoom cloud`
  • To secure an account that can convert speech to text: thus seminars and lectures can instantly be converted to text documents.
  • To secure an account that can host large scale webinars
  • Plus the usual hosting of add-hock meetings and the streaming of live concerts featuring free improvisation in music.

Want to find out more, simply complete the form and we can have an informal chat on, you guessed it Zoom

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