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The `zoom rooms` project, taking a closer look

The Zoom Room - taking a closer look @

  • Performance, process and outcome
  • Workshops, proces and outcome.
  • Administration, process & outcome

The improvisers' networks online website will develop  the `zoom room` package to `take a closer look` at our practice.


What is a `zoom room`

  • Zoom Meetings & Chat facilitates enterprise video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing.
  • For performers interested in the nature and practice of free improvisation the `zoom` web application enables you to meet, in a video conference settings and dicsuss topics that are of interest, of interest to free improvisers.
  • To share and exchange points of view and personal testamonies.

Zoom.us Web application, the plus points:

  • Zoom web application web site - http://zoom.us/
  • You do not need to register an account, sign in, remember a password & log in
  • It is - compared to skype - user friendly, or the services are easier to use, for example to share screens, to record the meeting, to use chat boxes.
  • the `zoom.us` application is dedicated to supporting online meeting and webinars, and works to this end. Skype, an alternative, does not know what it is and though effective lacks `zoom.us` functionality that come with a focussed & dedicated approach.
  • Zoom is free, at low volume levels, at some point it requires funding
  • It may be less demanding on your computer or digital devices processor than skype
  • to be comtinued

be reminded the Improvisers' networks online project has the following tool that support the `zoom room` project

  • A website driven by the Joomla content management system (open source) the content of which is provided and maintained by `improvisers` active in free improvisation
  • The discussion board - and  forums that create the space and the place to share & exchange views - in text. - LINK
  • A `media-wiki` a dictionary, a source of information, definitions. LINK

First draft: Phil Morton March 2019

Introduction: how to join a `zoom` meeting - youtube video, duration 55 seconds.


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The `zoom room` project is supported by improvisers' networks online discussion board.
To navigate towards the forum follow the links and enter one of the following in the search box. The forum link
nickname: zoomstartpage
Topic ticket number : T1210

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