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Welcome to improvisers’ networks, it is a new year, new priorities, a new site.

Here are a few words on the benefits or networking, developing a portal and facilitating the social networking of creative practitioners. 

The benefits of networking include

  • Sharing skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Provide support.
  • Encouraging collaborative working.
  • Sharing resources.
  • Facilitating the debate, the discussion of our practice and ideas. .


The portal

To become a “one stop shop” that hosts the documentation of our practice in all formats, to become a signpost to find the documents, the media files elsewhere. To maintain the listings calendar that reveals and shares who is doing what, with who and where..

The social networking of creative practitioners.

The creation of a social networking platform that’s sits within the improvisers’ network domain, dedicated to the nature and practice of free improvisation: not unlike Facebook but without the distractions that Facebook feeds can bring.

This is it, this is year three.

Join the conversation.

Next year, year four? You have not heard anything yet!

Emma Louis & Phil Morton

with thanks to Arts Council Wales for their financial support

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