Todmorden: The Noise Upstairs Todmorden 28.02.2023

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Free entry - collection for the guests. Before and after their set will be our regular jams. We hope to see you there! - with Richard Knight Lion Todmorden

February 2023

Free entry - everyone welcome x For our first gathering of the new year (remember that?) we’re delighted to welcome our first (as far as I know) non-human guests. Before and after their set will be our usual jams - come one come all x
Tor Robot Band is a new project from illustrator and musician Jake Blanchard. Jake has designed, built and programmed a band of musical monsters with most of the instruments specifically built to suit each member of the band. Expect motorised drums, robotic bleeps, a confusing number of wires and a psychedelic slug(?) with a hat playing two recorders.
Tor Robot Band is:
Little Willie (drums, percussion)
Ohm (keyboard)
Birdbot (ultrasonic synth, zither)
Sluggmo (dual recorders)

About Noise Upstairs

The Noise Upstairs is an improv collective which runs a free-improv night in Manchester and Todmorden.

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Golden Lion is a public house // Serves Thai food // Work // Shop // Space // Music Venue for bands & Djs // Art Gallery //
Boutique Hotel .

Fielden Square, Todmorden OL14 6LZ


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