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Eugene Chadbourne Liverpool June 13th

There are no bridges in folk songs because the peasants died building them' Eugene Chadbourne
Eugene is a complete one-off. Like really has to be seen to be believed.
On his compulsive own, Eugene Chadbourne (previously the guitarist and leader of Shockabilly) has spewed forth a ceaseless stream of records and cassettes (the latter on his own Parachute label) that easily represent the oddest version of country and folk music ever. While the notable left-winger's guitar playing is looser than clams, it harbours wildly unique energy. He also plays the electric rake. The North Carolinian is the master of several different voices, some of them deceptively sincere. Harsh, funny, irritating and packed with ideas, Chadbourne often suggests a politically correct Frank Zappa.
For fans of: Daniel Johnston, Captain Beefheart, Richard Dawson, Frank Zappa & Anything Weird and Wonderful.
Local notes from Phil Morton, `During the Frakture years (1998-2014) in Liverpool we presented Eugene Chadbourne three times, and if asked to select my top ten memories from the those 500 concerts and counting, in there would be the name Eugene Chadbourne. As noted above he is a master of several diferent voices, the banjo playing, the `free improv guitar`, the amplified rake, the political commentaries, and memorable songs that pull me deeper into subject matters just when you are laughing at that last joke. One piece `the piano no-one ever plays` evokes an Elanor Rigby state of being and sensitivity that will remain with me, so too the the ascerbic splatter that resonates in my working class scouser cynicism/realism -` everywhere we go, me and my amigos, playing `feel good music for f****d up people` || maybe he did not sing that, it maybe a false memory, but I remain listeing forward to another special night, a trip to undiscovered emotions and notions: big thanks to Alex Scott, who brought this to my attention `
Nick Branton, reeds
Michael Paul Metcalfe, percussion
Phil Morton, accidents & treatments
Thur 13th June //
Eugene Chadbourne // Avant-Garde County-Folk // Venue //
7.30pm // £10 Adv.

venue: 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool L1 2SJ, landline, 0151 707 1805
venue website: click here
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Alternative, Country/Americana, Folk, Jazz,buy tickets here

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