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Ed Wright at Listen to the voice of fire 2018

Here is an excerpt of Ed tearing-up his violin and conjuring swarm of feedback from his Hornet/Arduino 'theremin'...Ed took part in the recording sessions during the week with Nakamura. Space and other gremlins meant that his cuts did not make it to the final Cd/dl. Ed has played at two LVOFs and I am very pleased to tell you he will be back at The Shining Pyramid event at National Library of Wales, March 25th, it is going to be stupendous so I hope you make it...Ed also runs the very inspiring Oscilloscope in North Wales. Talking of gremlins, you may discern slight slippage between video and audio-I had to splice two files together, in haste, the dolt that happened to video proceedings made such a hash, they turned the audio off for Ed, Jen and Alan-thank goodness Dow got the whole recorded, to Bandcamp in due course.


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