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Experimental Wales - A field guide to off - grid Welsh music by Dukes of Scuba

Dukes of scuba Dukes of scuba

Experimental Wales - A field guide to off - grid Welsh music by Dukes of Scuba zine

By Dukes of Scuba Zine

The Field Guide Aims To Document The Current Welsh No Audience Scene Across The 7 Or So Main Areas Of The Country. The Geography Of Wales Inhibits Connectivity Among Musicians And Whilst Some Practitioners Do Actively Work Across The Different Scenes, From The Research That I Have Conducted, I Can Safely Make The Assumption That Many Musicians And Supporters Of Experimental Music Are Simply Just Not Aware Of Each Other.

I Hope That This Guide Will Quietly Become A Credible Source Of Information Documenting The True Anarchic Alternative Welsh Underground. It Will Remain Largely Ignored By The BBC And Mainstream Media, Practitioners Of The Scene Will Never Be Nominated For The Welsh Music Prize Or Become Household Names And That Is Just As It Should Be!

Wales May Be The Land Of Song But It Is Also The Land Of Noise/Drone/ Avant Grot/Improv And Dictaphonix.

You can buy the ,pdf version at the following link for £1.50 - You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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Visit the Dukes of Scuba on Facebook, where you maybe able to ask to buy the hard copy version.

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