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Bangor Public space and place to perform at the Pontio

The exploring new normal & hybrid working


One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic was for improvisers to exploit public spaces, outdoors as place to perform to share and exchange sound.
A case of nessessity being the mother of invention.
At the same time many improvisers met on zoom and continue to meet on zoom. The new behaviours can now be considered as the new normal or hybrid working.

A primary aim of Improvisers networks - Wales and North Wales -

is to make available weekly sessions where free ensemble improvisation, a music made without prior preparartion can be explored, heard and felt.

Good news

Phil Morton met with the Pontio in Bangor and they have provisionally agreed to explore a relationship with Improvisers networks north Wales by providing the space (as pictured) for live free ensemble improvisation to be performed.

NOTE The Pontio have agreed to explore this, Phil Morton suggests we note this is not available on demand but subject to other factors: e.g. There maybe a lecture in the lecture hall next to the space shown.


  • This is an attractive space.
  • Depending which way the wind blows (and it does) we maybe sheltered from the wind
  • We may make contact with students studying - music, dance, art and the performing arts.
  • If sessions are delivered on the day of an evening concert we may make contact with individual who may attend the concert.
  • Improvisers Networks North Wales has a battery + inverter that delivers 240 volts. We have our own mains power independant of the Pontio.


  • The weather, the weather, the weather.
  • Don't let this grind us down....
  • If we meet in this great location we will have to adopt a policy on proceeding or cancelling based upon the waether reports.

What happens next

  • Collect a short list of names who are open to attending and participating in this activity
  • Create a doodle poll to collate a list of names that may make this event viable.
  • Create a `channel` in the Ty Cerd/Off Grid slack account, where participants can share their thinking.
  • Register your interest via the registration form to be found in the tab marked registration. Enter `The Pontio: Bangor` in the project field.

With thanks

Concept: Phil Morton
Location suggested by Ash Cooke.


The Pontio - Bangor University
Deiniol Rd,
Bangor LL57 2TQ

The site shown is accessed via the first floor of the Pontio, accessed from the main entrance, cafe & reception area.


  • Friday 11th November, 16.00


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