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Jigsaw Workshops Bangor and free improvisation, a project overview

Jigsaw at The Greenhouse, Bangor Jigsaw at The Greenhouse, Bangor Emma Louis


Jigsaw  is an open & public workshop/performance session exploring the nature and practice of free improvisation in music through a mixture of; the playing of the music, discussion and simple workshop routines. 


All levels of ability and experience are welcome.

The current session format is:
A series of small group improvisations. Duration 15 minutes.
There is some conversation & discussion between the pieces.
There is a social break of 15 minutes at the midway point.

Currently, there are no workshop type strategies or games, scores or contemporary compositions. The musicians play free improvisation in music in their own time.

Improvisers' Networks Wales (INW) is a new concept organisation created by Emma Louis and Phil Morton; the future design and content of our events will be shaped by those who are involved and attend the sessions and share their feedback.

There have been 8 Jigsaw workshops since its launch in May 2015 through to March 2017
The series is being re-launched in April 2018 with an aim to deliver a `jigsaw` session every six weeks

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