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Wales From the Dust of This Wretched Earth 27&28.09.2019

Anoikis presents
From the Dust of This Wretched Earth
By Melissa Pasut & Andrew Leslie Hooker

26 September/Medi 
Phipps Hall-Creative Arts Building
University of Huddersfield HD1 3DH
8.00 pm 
Free Admission/mynediad am ddim

27 September/Medi 
The Ucheldre Centre
Mill Bank, Holyhead LL65 1TE
7.30 pm
Tickets/tocynnau £8/£7 
Child/plant £4

28 September/Medi 
The Gwenfrewi Project 
Former St Winifred's Church, Gwytherin LL22 8UU
7.30 pm
Tickets/tocynnau £8/£7 
Child/plant £4

North Wales-based dance company Anoikis, co-directed by Melissa Pasut and Andrew Leslie Hooker, will be joined by internationally renowned artists Toshimaru Nakamura (Japan), Sayoko Onishi (Japan/Italy) and Emmanuel Fleitz (France) in a brand new production combining the Japanese avant-garde dance form butoh with the post-experimental practice of no-input mixing and the improvised sounds of the double bass. 

From The Dust of This Wretched Earth investigates the almost science fictional idea of a parallel world created from the detritus of the seemingly lost world we now inhabit. Two butoh dancers and a trio of musicians struggling to find their mutual shape, their mutual voice, in an impressionistic smear of metamorphosis, swinging wildly, endlessly, between utter beauty and utter meaninglessness.

This project has been made possible by funding from the Arts Council of Wales and the Japan Foundation.

ANOIKIS, co-directed by Melissa Pasut and Andrew Leslie Hooker, is a contemporary dance company dedicated to experimental choreographic and electroacoustic research. It is committed to performing radical new works that seek to explore the sense of rhizomatic shadow-space that exists between the accepted boundaries (cultural, social, political, economical, historical and psychological) of traditional artistic practice and consumption. Originally founded in 2002, the company is now based in North Wales, UK.

EMMANUEL FLEITZ is a double bassist, composer, physical performer and producer. He was born in Nîmes and lives in Lorraine. In his private studio, he researches a language that is developed from the confrontation of ideas through music, words, movements, materials and light. He works in indoor, outdoor, conventional and unconventional spaces where he presents work using his own experiences, transforming them into his creations. He has produced work in extremely contrasting environments. From markets to contemporary art spaces in France and abroad, he is always searching for particular sonic resonances. Since 1993, he has collaborated with several collectives experimenting with improvisational forms across various disciplines. In 2004, he founded his company Man’ok & Cie and has produced various projects and performances. He works not only as a solo performer but equally with collaborative projects involving many different artists, particularly with Move Art Two and Move art three. Man’ok & Cie, has produced about fifteen works including: Aquatic Rhapsody [2011], Kwaïdan [2013], Eden# 3 [2016], Eudoxie X [2017-2019], Eden Trance Machine [2018-2019].

ANDREW LESLIE HOOKER was born in England in 1962. He is a filmmaker, composer and improviser of electroacoustic/no-input music currently based in North Wales. He began his career as a photographer and graphic designer, collaborating with various music, art and fashion publications, record labels, theatre and dance companies. He has exhibited paintings, photographic works and experimental films in various galleries throughout Europe and the United States and was included (as a filmmaker) in the 49th Venice Biennale. At the present time, as well as being co-director of contemporary dance company Anoikis in collaboration with choreographer/dancer Melissa Pasut, he is continuing his compositional studies as a PhD research student at the University of Huddersfield whilst contemporaneously working on various music, dance and extended cinema projects.
His film works and compositions are published by Entr'acte (London/Antwerp) and Dinzu Artefacts (Los Angeles). Past and current collaborators include: Gavin Bryars, Manuel Zurria, Philip Jeck, John Duncan, Jon Wozencroft, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Von Archives, Aleksander Gabrys, Seijiro Murayama, 3/4HadBeenEliminated, Giuseppe Ielasi, Penny Rimbaud, Eve Libertine, Graham Dunning, Sarah Saviet, Toshimaru Nakamura and Rhodri Davies


TOSHIMARU NAKAMURA'S instrument is the no-input mixing board, which describes a way of using a standard mixing board as an electronic music instrument, producing sound without any external audio input. The use of the mixing board in this manner is not only innovative in the sounds it can create but, more importantly, in the approach this method of working with the mixer demands. The unpredictability of the instrument requires an attitude of obedience and resignation to the system and the sounds it produces, bringing a high level of indeterminacy and surprise to the music. Nakamura pioneered this approach to the use of the mixing board in the mid-1990's and has since then appeared on over one hundred audio publications, including nine solo CD's.He has performed throughout Europe, North America, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, China, Singapore and Malaysia, performing and recording both as a soloist and in collaboration with numerous other musicians.As an active organizer of concerts in Tokyo, Nakamura has helped many musicians coming to Japan find places to perform, both with himself and with others. From 1998 to 2003 Nakamura and Tetuzi Akiyama ran the concert series Improvisation Series at Bar Aoyama and then later the Meeting at Off Site series of concerts. Both these concert series were crucially important in exposing a new manner to improvised music (referred to as Electro Acoustic Improvisation) to the Japanese public and to foreign musicians visiting Japan, making Tokyo one of the global hotspots for this new approach to music.

SAYOKO ONISHI From the age of 5 she started studying classical ballet until age15. From 1975 she studied contemporary dance in the Dance academy led by Mr. Mitsuaki Sasaki. In 1986 she studied dance butoh with Mr. Ipei Yamada in the dance company Hoppo-Butoh Ha, afterwards she began an intensive artistic collaboration under the supervision of Mr. Hironobu Oikawa, absorbing the style of the choreographies of butoh dance. From 1990 she began a brilliant carrier as a solo professional dancer within Europe and the world. As a choreographer she worked for the Deutche Oper in Berlin; she has been in charge of choreographic project sponsored by the Amsterdam Kunst Fonds “. In 2014, the opera house of Ferrara coproduced her performance “Mishima” at the festival Focus, Japan.

Sayoko has received various important international prizes, among them in 1997 the 1st prize at the International Dance Competition in Augusburg (Germany) and in the same year the 2nd prize at the International Dance Competition in Leipzig (Germany). In 2006 the 1st prize at the Die Platze contemporary dance competition in Tokyo. She has been directing various dance events with excellent critical reviews. In 2004 she was invited as a guest teacher at the Italian National Dance Academy in Rome and in 2005 she began teaching at the University of Palermo.

Since 2009, she has been collaborating with Man’ok company (Nancy France) of Emmanuel Fleitz.(sound) Together they founded the project MA2 ( Move Art two) . MA2 performed different places, like La Manufacture (the choreographic centre of Aurillac) , Trois-L(the choreographic centre of Luxembourg) 2Angels (the choreographic centre of Normandy), Tour in China. 

MELISSA PASUT is a contemporary dancer born in the United States where she began her dance training at age seven. She received a BFA in Dance Performance from the University of South Florida in Tampa, USA. She is dedicated to choreographic research and performing new works that constantly seek to confuse the traditional bo

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