FIZZLE Not On The Guest List 29th January

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FIZZLE Not On The Guest List

Tuesday 29th January,7:30PM,
The Lamp Tavern, Barford St, B5 6AH

This gig is the culmination of an intensive two-day Birmingham residency for Not On The Guest List (Mofjell/Sandtorv) collaborating with Birmingham-based improvisers (Griffiths/Woodhead)

Natalie Sandtorv – voice
Ole Mofjell – drums
Andrew Woodhead -piano
Lee Griffiths – saxophone

£7/5 OTD

About Fizzle
Fizzle is a Contemporary improvisation/jazz event held fortnightly in the intimate setting of The Lamp Tavern. It features improvisers from around the world as well as those from the Birmingham area.

Previous performers include: Jeb Bishop, Peter Brotzmann, Rob Brown, Eugene Chadbourne, Lol Coxhill, Tony Levin, Joe Morris, Tatsuya Nakatani, Paal Nilssen-Love, Paul Rogers, Sonny Simmons, Gino Robair and The Modified Toy Orchestra.

Unless otherwise noted, all gigs are at:
​The Lamp Tavern, Barford St, Birmingham, B5 6AH
7:30pm Start £7/5​

Fizzle/TDE gigs are at:
​The Hexagon Theatre, mac, Cannon Hill Park, B12 6QH
​8pm Start £10/8


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