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This is the page for the category `Merseyside UK Venues`

The terminology `Merseyside` refers to the `Merseyrail` region, So this page and category covers; Chester to Southport, Wirral to St Helens and Widnes. This is the starting point.

The criteria is: a venues list used by artists active in the `free improvisation` and associated artforms/genres

To add `venues` to this list that you know of, or have used, consider using the short-term solution, the short form which is here. URL LINK

Be aware the main improvisers networks website, is a new site and some links may lose their integrity and become broken as we develop it navigation. The solution, the site has a very powerful `search box` on the main menu improvisers networks website, enter the words Merseyside UK Venues into the search box and you will find the web page and the simple form therein.

Individuals and organisations who have registered the network site and this wiki media app can upload content about venues directly into this `wiki`. This requires the knowledge of scripts and code, though simple, they are still required.

pm: Jan 2018