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This is a support tool for the improvisers' networks web site It is it is a dictionary, a glossary of terms used by improvisers, a lexicon. The application used to delivery this `wiki - dictionary` is MediaWiki

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To upload new content, edit existing pages you have to have register and create an account . To register and create an account for this wiki-resource, you need to complete the main website registration form registration form link this form handles in one place the registration for; the website, the discussion forum & this wiki-resource. Complete the form ticking the box for this mediawiki - wiki-resource..

To upload content without an account

  • If you wish to upload and share content without an account send your entry to

To upload content with an account

  • First you need an account, refer to the create an account section above
  • You may need a`little knowledge` of how `media wiki` pages work.
  • If you wish to upload and share content but there are technical obstacles contact

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for this Improvisers' Networks Mediawiki are the same as for Wikipedia. unless stated. Links to the terms and conditions are to follow.

English, is the language used throughout this `wiki-dictionary`

Policy specific to this wiki-dictionary: a request to not duplicate entries in wikipedia, for example if the promoter / club `Mopomoso` has an entry in wikipedia, it is requested not to duplicate, replicate the full text a mopomoso content page would have in this wiki-dictionary, but upload a Mopomoso page to this wiki - dictionary and just add a link to the wikipedia, Mopomoso entry therin. To view an example type mopomoso into this mediawiki search box.

Check out the category listings

Follow this link to view the categories list, this acts like an index and may assist you in finding pages relevant to you and your interests

Improvisers' Networks Wiki Index of categories

More on this policy suggestion and other policies are to follow.

Phil Morton : September 2017