81 Renshaw Street

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81 Renshaw Street

Basic contact details and links

  • 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool L1 2SJ, landline, 0151 707 1805
  • Main contact, Neil Tilly

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Facilities available

  • Room description `A long room, with a raised stage area. Seats 60, non seating capacity prob 100`
  • Piano `Citation required`
  • Wi-fi `Citation required`
  • Electric supply assessment. `Citation required`
  • Stairs. Lifts & access, Situated and the rear of the building, ground floor level. Not known if there are any steps. The stage -exit door, exits onto the street, with easy access to the stage from the street. This is a big plus point.
  • PA - and sound engineer yes
  • Mixer Yes
  • Projector `Citation required`
  • PAT testing status. `Citation required`
  • Catering and refreshments The venue is licensed, there are two bars, one in the front `cafe area` and one in the performance space.
  • Room tone, sound proofing, noise bleed, citation is required


Parking, and local transport issues

Source: Neil Tilly manager, the area has single yellow lines and it is legal and free to park on signle yellow lines in this area after 6.00pm. The stage and exit stage door, back onto the street located to the area of 81 Renshaw Street, this is a big plus point and very helpful for drummers or people with a lot of `kit`.

Terms & Conditions

There is a fee, 50% deposit required to secure the booking

External Links

Websites - venue website

Notes for : free improvisers in music

  • 1 Renshaw street can be considered as a music venue. It is not an art centre or a pub.

Link to the forum, an external link

Yes: at the Improvisers' Networks phpBB discussion forum Link to the forum topic: USR T1082

Recent use

Blank Canvas, October 8th 2018, refer to improvisers' networks listing calendar