St Brides Church (Venues UK Merseyside)

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Basic contact details and links

St Brides Church Liverpool Merseyside L8 7LT

email: - needs to be checked the website


Facilities available

  • Room description Large resonating space, one large room, though events can be `staged` in different areas.
  • Piano `Citation required`
  • Wi-fi `Citation required`
  • Electric supply assessment. Needs updating: expect `old electrical systems` to be sound in churchs. Plus points maybe few and far between: `Citation required`
  • Stairs. Lifts & access `Citation required`
  • PA - and sound engineer No and not applicable `Citation required`
  • Mixer No and not applicable`Citation required`
  • Projector No and not applicable `Citation required`
  • PAT testing status. NOT KNOWN `Citation required`
  • Catering and refreshments `Citation required`
  • Room tone, sound proofing, noise bleed, a resonating space, but next to the main road called Catherine Street which will generate noise and bus noise. nerver-the-less were happy to use this venue.


  • Booking calendar, yes/ no add link - citation required
  • More info? citation required
  • Contact name if known, tel number & extension nos.

Parking, and local transport issues

`Citation required`

Terms & Conditions

\* Fees if known, deposit requirements. `Citation required`

External Links

the website

Notes for : free improvisers in music

This venue was used by 40 times between 2005 and 2010 The personal will have changed. The venue currently puts on `public events` and concerts, so it is possible to re-visit this venue Be aware, the ambient temperature will be that of a `large stone built church`. Avoid the winter months.

Link to the forum, an external link

St Brides Church at the Improvisers' Networks phpBB discussion forum External link

Unique search code: STBRIDESF480

Recent use

None known, `Citation required`