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Blank Canvas is a regular event in Liverpool promoting free improvisation in music. It currently delivers events every two months.

Launched in 2011 by The Frakture Concerts Team (FCT) on behalf of It is now a stand alone format .Following the downsizing, and break up of Frakture by Phil Morton on April 1st 2014, just before lunch. Blank Canvas took a break between November 2015 and July 2017. It has been re-launched during 2017 as a bi-monthly event, writes Phil Morton

Groups who have appeared at Blank Canvas

Groups who have appeared at Blank Canvas leopard In my Bedroom, Johny Hunter Qtet, Deep Clutter, Simpson | Harrison Duo, Stuckometer, [d]-FEKT, AMPHIBOLOUS, Graculus, id of Mobious, Graculus, Hanslip / Lash / marks, Alex Charles, goldilocks axe murder, Leopard in my Bedroom, Abigail Sanders Solo, Kipple, Jon Davies Solo, Aht-n, YALDABAOTH, Robert Curvingen & Katrin, Chris Cundy Solo, Gareth Bibby Solo, Mick Beck Trio, Splash Gig Nos 34, Roger Parry Memorial Event, SJ & Bonehouse, Margrit Rieben, John Bisset video, Fraktal, Birchall and Marks, Fraktal, YMMV, Noise Research + Richard Knight ,

Artists so far and so good at Blank Canvas

Artists so far and so good at Blank Canvas Alex Charles, Alex Scott, Ash Steel, Charlie Collins, Chris Cundy, Chris Mcgugan, Dave Birchall, Dave Cunliffe, Derek Saw, Dom Lash, Gareth Bibby, Hervé Perez, Ian Simpson, James Adolpho, John Bisset, John Bradburn, John Jasnoch, John Pearson, Johnny Hunter, Joincey, Jon Davies, karl Sveinsonn, Katrin Bethge, Keith Jafrate, Margrit Rieben, Mark Hanslip, Mark Jones, Matt Wand, Mick Beck, Neil Packer 1/2, Pascal Nichols, Pete Jones, Phil Hargreaves, Phil Lucking, Phil Marks, Phil Morton, ricardo pignol, Richard harding, Richard Knight, Robert Curgenven, Robert Harrison, Rodrigo Constanzo, Shaun Blezzard, Simon Jones, Simon Mack, Simon Prince, Simon Rose, Steve Lewis, Yashashwi Sharma.

Blank Canvas Octet (Liverpool)

This ensemble is currently (2020) the house band for the Blank Canvas project, it is usually the support band. This is an octet in name only, the numbers can vary from 5 to 10. The octet plays the music system called System 50:50, for more information on this `just google` improvisers networks system 50:50`

Want a gig?

You can apply to perform at Blank Canvas via a form : link to `want a gig` form

Social Media and contact

twitter: YBlankCanvas

Facebook a closed group account

curaters, Phil Morton, with help from Robin Hartwell


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Web : Blank Canvas website