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This is a mediawiki, a resource, a `wikipedia` for the practice known as `free improvisation in music` and associated art forms and genres.

The `wiki` enables or supports the theme `to share, exchange and collaborate` by providing a singular place for the sharing of; data, information, glossary of terms, a lexicon, and act as a basic a-z of this data and information.

Many subjects and topics will have a presence in the global `Wikipedia` in this instance this `Improvisers' Networks Online Mediawiki` will provide a link to the wikipedia article. This wiki will not duplicate `wikipedia content, there will still be an entry and this wiki will add quick-links to known external links e.g. a musicians personal website.

This mediawiki address the aims & objectives of the project, that maybe viewed at the main website aims & objectives statementit can facilitate or deliver the following

  • The sharing of knowledge.
  • The sharing of the testimonies of experience
  • The sharing of data and information.
  • The listing of resources.
  • The listing of terms and definitions used.
  • The listing of a timeline, of free improvisation in performance: who, what where & when

[ more citation required & desired ]

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