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About, Soup,Zuppa Glasgow

Dedicated to creating synchronicities, serendipities and misunderstandings, Soup, Zuppa is a place for everyone interested in improvised and experimental music. Working with the premise that all mistakes can be integrated, we are interested in bringing together people from different backgrounds to experiment and improvise in an open atmosphere. Musical education is absolutely not necessary and we would encourage everyone who had one to forget as much of it as possible.

Groups of performers will be put together after a 20min Soup at the beginning of the evening in which all participants play simultaneously

If you would like to participate, please let us know how much space you will need and what equipment you will bring

We would like to ask all electronic musicians to bring their own speakers, as we do not have a PA installed in the space and participants will be located throughtout the space

It is understood these are monthly events, refer to the website or facebook account for details

if some of the event details are missing go to the calendar listing or follow facebook event page link for more information.

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