Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra GIOfest XII 28-30.11.2019



ANNE PAJUNEN - SALT Variation #5 – The Glasgow Laboratory (of grief)
Thursday 28th November, CCA Theatre, 7.30pm
A large ensemble multimedia piece involving 35 performers, incorporating GIO’s full complement of musicians. The work will explore, examine and dwell around thoughts of grief, tears, fear of death and loss and how these experiences can be different for each of us. Despite that serious theme there will be ample opportunity humour and the absurd.

The piece will use sampled sounds from GIO’s instrumentation, movement, theatrics and projections. Anne will be at the helm throughout, directing and performing what will be an all-consuming sensory event.
ALVIN CURRAN - Signage with Beams: for GIO
Friday 29th November, CCA Theatre, 7.30pm
A work designed around GIO’s large ensemble, using music and movement, with moments of tightly orchestrated conduction at times using a set of abstract symbols, with random sections of free energy. The piece will include the use of props and home-made instruments and will spread around the concert hall and out into other areas of the centre, culminating in an intense finale with everyone returning and resolving on one concentrated large group.
Alvin will lead the piece and also play a range of instruments. including keyboards, conch shells and Shofar.

Corey Mwamba - away into the body: rethinking the vibraphone in improvised music
(Open discussion chaired by Raymond MacDonald)
Saturday 30
th November, CCA Cinema, 3.00pm
Corey will talk about the vibraphone; how bodies are treated in jazz and improvised music, specifically his; and how his research into his own vibraphone practice attempts to give another way of talking about improvising musicians that avoid issues of objectification and race.

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