The Gregson Community & Arts Centre (Venues UK NW England)

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Basic contact details and links

The Gregson Community & Arts Centre, 33 Moorgate, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 3PY

Tel: 01524 849959, Fax: 01524 849720,


Facilities available

  • Room description `Citation required`
  • Piano `Citation required`
  • Wi-fi `Citation required`
  • Electric supply assessment. `Citation required`
  • Stairs. Lifts & access `Citation required`
  • PA - and sound engineer `Citation required`
  • Mixer `Citation required`
  • Projector `Citation required`
  • PAT testing status. `Citation required`
  • Catering and refreshments `Citation required`


Parking, and local transport issues

`Citation required`

Terms & Conditions

\* Fees if known, deposit requirements. `Citation required`

Recent use

`Citation required`