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The Peer Hat - Manchester

citation required for this entry

Basic contact details and links

The Peer Hat 14-16 Faraday St, Manchester M1 1BE

Facebook page

Peer Hat web page - Venue Hire info - Rehearsal room info

Facilities available

  • Room description large room, it is the cellar, there is stage.
  • Piano `Citation required`
  • Wi-fi `Citation required`
  • Electric supply assessment. `Citation required`
  • Stairs. Lifts & access | the performance space is downstairs, there is no lift
  • PA - and sound engineer `Citation required`
  • Mixer `Citation required`
  • Projector `Citation required`
  • PAT testing status. `Citation required`
  • Catering and refreshments `Citation required`
  • Room tone, soundproofing, noise bleed - there can be noise bleed from the upstairs juke box, and customers: low threat level, not an obstacle.


  • Booking calendar, no.
  • More info? citation required
  • Contact name if known, tel number & extension nos. Go to the facebook page, to look up the contact phone number.

Parking, and local transport issues

`Citation required`

Terms & Conditions

\* Fees if known, deposit requirements. `Citation required`

External Links

Notes for: free improvisers in music

Known use. Sunday March 4th 2018 - You had to be there for an inspired Sunday evening gig in Manchester ... Anton Mobin on prepared chamber, Charlie Collins, drums & percussion, and Derek Saw, trumpet & flugelhorns .... second set with David McLean, saxophone ... Great start to the evening from duo Nina Whiteman on vocals & stuff and David Birchall on guitar . source Facebook `Curious ear, currently promote regular sessions at the Peer hat (Jan 2020)

Link to the forum, an external link

Yes - at the Improvisers' Networks phpBB discussion forum External link phpBB discussion board - USR F523T850, USR *T850,

Recent use

`Citation required`

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