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Basic contact details and description

  • mac birmingham
  • Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH
  • Tel `Sales` 0121 446 3232
  • Room hire : : 0121 446 3250, if you end up at the switch board, ask for `hire`
  • There is a `room hire form`


mac birmingham at wikipedia

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Mac Birmingham at wikipedia

Facilities available

Piano, yes

Citation to follow for the following Wi-fi Electric supply assessment. Stairs. Lifts & access PA - and sound engineer Mixer Projector PAT testing status. Room tone, noise bleed, sound insulation and double glazing. Catering and refreshments Parking, and local transport issues : train station, Fees if known, deposit requirements. Recent use

useful information and parking

Web link parking etc

External Links

Official website

Music rooms 1-5 descriptions

Notes for : free improvisers in music

This venue, organisation, hosts five music rehearsal rooms, for the moment refer to the official website. The performance space `Hexagon Theatre`has been used to present `free improvisation in music` in a concert format.

Notes for public transport

Bus 35 Has been used by Phil Morton, if arriving a Birmingham New Street station walk to Moor Street, the bus stop (from memory) is opposite Moor Street Station, alight a Willow Road near to Cannon Hill Park, enter Cannon Hill park and find the MAC

Detailed info at MAC website Getting there!

Link to the forum, an external link

Mac Birmingham at the Improvisers' Networks phpBB discussion forum External link