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== Recent use  ==
== Recent use  ==
[http://improvisationuk.wixsite.com/fizzlebirmingham refer to Fizzle]
[http://fizzlebirmingham.com/ refer to Fizzle]
[https://www.improvisersnetworks.online/uk/west-midlands/item/719-fizzle-birmingham-project-page Fizzle project page on improvisers networks online]
[[Category:Midlands UK Venues ]]
[[Category:Midlands UK Venues ]]

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Basic contact details and links

  • 157 Barford St,Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6AH
  • 0121 622 2599
Lamp tavern ls.jpg

Facilities available

A room in a pub, but one of the better rooms, and an excellent room in the category `pub` venue. Home of the promoter / concerts series `Fizzle`.

  • Piano Yes - polite description, not the best.
  • PAT testing status. Not requested.
  • Electric supply assessment. Good idea to bring plenty of extensions. Depending on the type of group etc.
  • Stairs. Lifts & access. On the ground floor, street level
  • PA. mixer - and sound engineer : Bring your own devices, no engineer.`
  • Catering and refreshments : It is a pub.
  • Room tone, okay or good. Occasional low level chitter chatter from the kitchen.
  • Wi-fi `Citation required`
  • Projector `Citation required`


Parking, and local transport issues

Parking, double yellow outside the venue, but on street free parking available close by.

Terms & Conditions

Refer to Fizzle & Andy Woodhead

Recent use

refer to Fizzle Fizzle project page on improvisers networks online