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Improvisers upload your event or article to the site - no coding or need to register

To upload an article to the site please use the form to be found in the tab called form



It maybe: an event, a video,  an article about a specific subject, it maybe local or global, there are spaces and places throughout the site to host content on a wide range of topics.

No coding knowledge required.

Please complete the very simple form below, and your event will be uploaded to the network site within 1-7 days.

Genre, creative content

driven by free ensemble improvisation made without prior preparation


From local to global, from Wales to New South Wales! - all continents


Music, dance, cross platform etc - driven by free ensemble improvisation made without prior preparation


Events, video links, interview links, documents, thesis, arguements, statements, quotes

Don't meet the criteria?

It is suggested you submit your article and then we can have a conversation.
It is expected that 10% of the site's content may feature performances that are made with prior preparation.

What happens next

  • You will receive email verification that the form has worked, plus an on screen display
  • It should be live within 1-7 days, with the average being one day.
  • Be aware the project is managed and operated by volunteers

The Form

To add your event to the website, complete the form below.
Genre, free improvisation in music and associated practices

Your Name - both boxes need to be completed:*
Title of the document, or the event as it may appear on the site*
Upload a document that contains all the details the site needs : formats, txt, rtf, doc. docx, odt*
Upload a image, landscape prefered: jpg, jpeg, png only. Preferred image size 600x400 @ 72 dpi*
Comments, suggestions, further information and feedback:
Word Verification:

No Form

If you do not like forms or the form is a challenge send the information by email to  philmorton@improvisersnetwork.co.uk

NOTE: this creates more work for the volunteer staff. However if forms are an obstacle for you and a frustration select this email method

please consider the following

  • Send the information as attachments, please avoid using the email content itself for this purpose.
  • If the attachment files are large please us consider using WE TRANSFER
  • Please try to duplicate the as much as of the information requested in the form in your email communication.

and thanks for your actions, we look forward to receiving them.



How to upload your own content and articles to the Improvisers' Networks website


Refer to videos, here is some text text

  1. Improvisers' networks website is `Joomla website` and supports the uploading of articles by registered members with a simple method without coding knowledge, not unlike Facebook and social media apps.
  2. The form that manages the proces for uploading content is
      1. Available via the tab `form` located within the web article
      2. Is available when registered members log in
  3. Your content needs to be sympathetic to the remit, aims, and objectives of the site
  4. Top tips
    1. Have your content ready
    2. Submit the text by uploading a document, in one of the following formats, txt, rtf, doc, docx. Other formats will be available soon.
    3. Upload an image, in one of the following formats, jpg, jpeg and png. Other formats will be available soon.
    4. Complete the process.
    5. You should receive an on-screen confirmation that the form has been submitted successfully.
    6. You should receive an email too.
  5. The form will be handled by site staff when the article goes live you will be informed.
  6. end


It is possible to upload content direct to the web site - Improvisers networks Online
This is the long term intention of the site management, that content maybe uploaded by those who practice free ensemble improvisation.
To support that mission this site is a Joomla site, an open source, community based, content management system that support engagement and inclusion.

If you are working with a word press site you should find Joomla logical and simple.

Work you need?

  • To have registered with the site
    • To have permissions to upload to the site directly
  • Some basic skills on creating a web article within a `content management framework` displayed in the `backend` of Joomla, Wordpress, web sites
  • More infoirmation and detail is to follow

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Sometimes, free improv is the nation's best-kept secret
Share, exchange and then collaborate.
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