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Praxis:Arts is a name, title or label being used by Phil Morton to fulfill the role of `an organisation` or unincorporated body` that delivers the events he is involved in, for example: Blank Canvas is managed by praxis:arts.

Praxis - the early years

After 15 years work with the `Frakture` organisation Phil Morton began to deliver events using a management system initially called `praxis`. Praxis is a `open source management system operating in the digital domain` Praxis, main operational styles is the utlisation of `wiki based internet apps` to replace the following communication channels: email, voice and verbal, and informal communication systems.

Constitutional questions

The `praxis` management system in Mr Morton's private humble option results in a system so nimble and light that it is difficult to pin it down from a constitution perspective. This needs to be resolved.

wiki networks

From 2017 onwards Mr Morton has dropped the terms praxis (a management style, not an organisation) and is exploring replacing the term `praxis` with `wiki networks` or `wiki networking` is the latter use of the word `wiki` is more familiar (though misunderstood) whereas the word praxis has Marxist, academic and philosophical connotations and is less familiar.

To be continued : more citation required.