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The Listening Room is a labe1 Phil Morton applies to events he delivers, it is his `in house` brand name, the obverse of events he manages or has managed as part of a team: eg Frakture, Centrifuge, acoute, were he maybe part of a `team` or other organisation. Mr Morton may use the term `The Listening Room` for a project that does not fit into any other catagory. This entry requires more citation, which will be supplied in small doses over a period of time

The Early Years

The Listening Room was created by Phil Morton in 1998 with assistance from Roger Parry. Mr Morton discovered that if he booked `The Neptune Room` in The Bluecoat for a fee of £6.00 he could have the event listed in the Bluecoat marketing brochures, which had a print run of 5K plus. The Listening Room session design at the time had three different catagories

  • An audio presentation by Roger Parry on the nature and practice of `free improvisation in music` on a specific topic.
  • Live music, free improvisation, usually linked to a topic Mr Parry would expand on: e.g The duo Bonehosue performed live, Mr Parry presented audio material, plus verbal annotations and social contextualisations of `duos` active in the bigger world of free improvisation in music.
  • Acoustic Ecology events: Soundwalks and events that explored the act of Listening.

The first events was on 20th June 1998 and featured three topics: Sound adventures ( an introduction to acoustic ecology), The Music of Harry Partch, and a feature on Tony Bevan.

The statistics are : 28 CD presentations, 30 Soundwalks, 25 Live Music events, 8 live music and CD presentations on a chosen theme. The last `Bluecoat` session was 23rd February 2007, on Anthony Braxton.

The Listening Room was free to attend and received no direct funding.

Post Bluecoat Years

The `Listening Room` names is used by Phil Morton for: Soundwalk and Sonic Gaze events, and rare gigs he organizes that don't fit into any other catagory eg Frakture, Blank Canvas The term `The Listeing Room` soundwalks and sonic gaze events are still being used in 2017.