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Improvisers' networks, is a portal, a web site.

Improvisers' networks is not

  • A promoter
  • A provider of live content.

Improvisers' networks online is

  • A portal,
  • Please note both words (improvisers' and networks) are plural, it is a portal that hosts information and data about multiple networks, individuals and organisations
  • Networks, individuals and organisation both formal and informal that explore the nature and practice of free improvisation in performance.
  • Its online name omits the word free, however its focus is `free improvisation`

Improvisers' networks, if it is to be considered as an organisation manages and maintains:

  • The website,
  • The phpBB discussion forum,
  • The wiki-dictionary dedicated to the nature and practice of free improvisation in performance.

The aims of the Improvisers' networks online website

  • Sharing skills, knowledge and expertise.
  • Provide support
  • Encouraging collaborative working, from neighbours to strangers
  • Sharing resources.
  • Hosting, debate & discussion, facilitating the generating of new ideas.

The sites and domains are currently managed by Phil Morton

The sites, domains, the project will need `governance` and a governance team. More information on this subject here

Account holders can

  • upload their own content to the website
  • participate in the discussion board,
  • Upload content and edit this `wiki-dictionary`
  • You can create your account(s) here

More citation is required and will be provided.